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LOC | DSM-Z62.4 Social Exclusion or Rejection

Left of Centre (LOC), 2000-ongoing
Left of Cente (LOC) was founded in 2000 in Detroit, MI. LOC, as an interventionist art collective, wears many hats: a guerrilla consulting and marketing firm of epic proportions, an ongoing online art project, an experimental video & design production company, and a creative collaboration between the misfit Signore Nessuno and Brothers Christenson who all met in a midwestern holding cell. The archived site at {leftofcentre.org} features over 90 short films, several sound and audio compositions, political writings, prose, poetry, and literary criticism. Dare I say, it is the Tetragammaton incarnate. The LOC collaboration has also been designing and selling clothing and interventionist merchandise and propaganda since 2001. Currently, LOC members and clients are found everywhere from the streets of Detroit to the piazze of Rome; together these men and women constitute the Ministers of Propaganda.

Left of Centre Mission: To provide strategic misdirecting and lewd entertainment for unsatisfied individuals within private companies, organizations and government entities. Our team's limited political and business experience and unique network of unprofessional contacts set LOC apart from the competition. LOC is committed to emancipating each and every soul from its frangible corpus. The intention of LOC projects is to unabashedly promote various forms of unorthodox expression and breakdown social structures that impede honest creativity and freethinking. LOC is committed to exposing the meaningless lifestyles of modern society - and abusing Marxist rhetoric whenever possible. We seek nothing less than a revolution in our fear-driven lives toward thoughtful and boundless expression. Artists of the world, unite! {More here}

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