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Various Body & Fluid Experiments | F40.230 Specific Phobia, Fear Of Blood

30-40 ml of Blood on Canvas via Robots and Machines, 2012-ongoing
30-40 ml of Blood on Canvas via Robots and Machines is an ongoing series of paintings fabricated with bodily fluids from the artist and applied to various display materials including wood, canvas, paper and screens with a collection of homemade robots and technological instruments and devices. For the initial series (adjacent photo), blood was applied to a number of linen, wood, and paper canvases through an artist-manufactured microbot with built-in brush. The brush, built as a slight variation of my bristlebot (a paintbrush, 3VDC Micro Vibration Motor, and a 3V lithium battery) functions autonomously, indefinitely gyrating in circles and unanticipated patterns fostering unique and "abstract expressionist" renderings. Later series incorporate household applications and devices as painting mechanisms and tools.

Walk Until They Bleed, 2013
Durational performance & "re-mapping" intervention where I walked barefoot for over 5 hours until my feet became raw and began to bleed, literally engendering a map / trail of blood inviting passersby to follow the trail to a designated space where I hosted discussions about pedestrian traffic issues on Washington State University's campus. (Photos | S. Creston, H. Willoughby)

Prototyping Identity, 2011
Can we reproduce our identity or someone else's via machines? Can we commodify identities? Can we "be" someone else for a day? Are our identities just representational symbols that can be manufactured; are they adaptable objects that can be prototyped? Prototyping Identity is a series of 3D printed plaster sculptures derived from inked fingerprints on paper. Prints are scanned into vector software, rendered in 3D platforms like Rhino/Maya and volumized and exported as STereoLithography (STL) files and ultimately fabricated as plaster sculptures using a Zcorp 3D printer.

50 Pages of Paper, Semen, Blood, Saliva, & Other Stuff, 2014-2016
A collection of homemade mixed media artist books that literally contain part of me on the pages.

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