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Null Set Collaborative, Null Set Magazine, NS Interventions, 2013-ongoing
Null Set (NS) is an interventionist collaborative outfit that I started in Tri-Cities, WA in 2013 to address "cultural capital" issues and an ongoing, complex disconnect between the "creative class" in the region. Interdisciplinary NS projects manifest in a number of formats and across a number of venues including performances, videos, public installations, demonstrations, zines, and participatory projects via the Internet.

Our Mission: We're people. We intervene. We make magazines. We perform. We fight. We love. We tend to disrupt the every day. We aim to explore issues related to the Columbia Basin's creative class, to engage others like us, to challenge those who are against us, to ask questions of this area and its constituents, to pump art & beauty & culture into the region, to contribute, to be a voice, to activate, to be political, to make a difference. We are artists and activists, members of a solution set, something in nothing, never ignored, never negligible; we are a collection of 4-sided triangles, an ontological curiosity, an element of the ideal. We are you. We are here. We are property true almost everywhere. Participating artists may (and may not) have included: Summer Mitchell, Rachel McCall, Richard Garcia, Austin Wingle, Johnny Garcia, Nikolas Rex, Dylan Schmidt, Lauren Johnston, Daria Naidenov, Meha Naran, Shawn La Fortune, Jesse Nguyen, Falon Ah Quin, Justin Hawkes, Ivan Roman, John Go, Mo Van Sant, James Sivonen, Emily Williams, Amanda Record, Jeanne Morgan, Alana AhQuin, Jose Cervantes, Hunter Kronberg, Ivie Larsen, Lori Larson, Athena Marquez, Kim Feliciano, Hope Neidhold, Eric Palomera, Ty Beaver, Paper Street (Kennewick), Jordan Parker, Dana Parmenter, Maria Pineda, Mario Rodriguez, Kyle Kim, Nicholas Thompson, Misha Laskin, Jessica Roth, Roberto Tapia, Benjamin Washburn, Dylan Piper, the Spirit Animals, Sam DeBrine, Adam Whittier, Olga Kutnyakova, Thomas Holland, Alissa Petersen. {More here: NS Collaborative | @509nullset | @NullSetNews | YouTube | #509nullsetinterventions}

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