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10CPE | DSM-300.22 Agoraphobia

10 Cameras Project & Exhibitions, 2010-2011
The 10 Cameras Project is a sociological art experiment and exhibition series where ten artists were selected and anonymously sent one package each. Each package contained a 27-exposure disposable camera and was accompanied by a detailed letter of instructions inviting the artist to shoot all of the exposures and submit the undeveloped camera to a disclosed dropbox. The 10CP team then collected the cameras from the chosen artists and actively sought public involvement for the next stage of the project. We invited all community members irrespective of academic or professional experiences to submit bartering proposals indicating what goods an individual would be willing to provide 10CP with in exchange for the contents of one of the aforementioned artist cameras. Ten of the submitted community proposals were selected, and traded objects and original photographic prints/installations were exhibited at ARTSPACE Scottsdale (activated pop-up space with artist Joan Baron).

The 10CP participating artists included: Julie Anand, Katharine Frissora, Dan Collins, Matt Garcia, Jorge Alonso, Kelsey Wiskirchen, Tania Katan, Ben Rogers, Nathaniel Lewis, Hung Q. Tu, Alfredo Tarango, Kathy Nakagawa, Jen Urso, Bucky Miller, Ellie Richards, Laurie Papa-Minnick, Lisa McCarty, Robbie McCarthy, Megan Hildebrandt, and Karen Rigby. {More here}

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